Washington Alloy Everwear 800 1/8 x 10#

Washington Alloy Everwear 800 1/8 x 10#

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Rockwell C 58-62

Sizes and Packaging

All sizes are packaged in 10 lb. packs – 5 packs per 50 lb. master carton.


When used in the flat and horizontal positions, this electrode will exhibit a stable arc and produce weld deposits that are very smooth and finely rippled. Hardness as deposited: RC58-62.


Considerable Impact/Severe Abrasion
Corrosion Resistance


Hardface 700 is our most popular hardsurfacing electrode used for severe abrasion and considerable impact. Weld deposits have a martensitic structure that resists wear even in metal-to-metal mild steel contact. Hardface 700 is most commonly used on plowshares, cultivator shoes, bucket teeth and lips, well drilling bits, cement mixer blades, shovel tracks and screw conveyors.