6013 x 5#
6013 x 5#

6013 x 5#

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AWS A5.1 Class E6013




E6013 high titania coated electrodes produce weld deposits which are much smoother and flatter than those produced by E6012. This electrode was primarily designed to provide good wetting and shallow penetration for thin sheet metal applications (using smaller diameter electrodes), but with sufficient penetration for welding medium gauge steel. As a result, E6013 is an all-purpose electrode that provides a soft steady arc which is easily regenerated, easy slag control for vertical-down welding, low spatter and a beautiful bead appearance. E6013 electrodes may be used in any position with AC or DC (straight or reverse polarity).




E6013 is commonly used for automobile bodies, truck frames and bodies, ornamental iron, metal furniture, farm implementations, machinery guards, storage tanks, or wherever appearance is important or desirable.