6010 x 5#
6010 x 5#

6010 x 5#

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AWS A5.1 Class E6010




E6010 is a high cellulose coated electrode designed to provide a smooth stable arc forceful enough to achieve deep penetration into the base metal. This electrode exhibits high deposition efficiency and low spatter loss. It produces a weld puddle that wets and spreads well, yet sets up fast enough to make this electrode ideal for vertical up or vertical down welding techniques. E6010 electrodes produce a flat weld bead with coarse ripples and a thin easily removable slag. E6010 electrodes may be used in the flat, horizontal, vertical or overhead welding positions.




E6010 electrodes are most commonly used for out-of-position welding such as field construction, ship yards, water towers, pressure vessels, pressure pipes, steel castings, plain and galvanized steel storage tanks, etc.