Strong Hand UG1257-C3

Strong Hand UG1257-C3

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Sliding Arm Clamps with the Removable / Reversible Clamp Arm and Unique Accessories

The 4-in-1 Utility Clamping System is the most versatile Sliding Arm Clamps in the market.

The three piece 4-in-1 Clamp Kit includes:

All Strong Hand Tools® Utility Clamps are made of high quality heat treated steel and nickel/chrome plated for strength and durability.


Part No. Capacity Throat Depth Clamping Pressure Pads Rail Size Tapped Hole Weight


(318 mm)
7″ *Deep Throat
(180 mm)
800 LBS
(363 kg)
Standard 1 x 15/32″
(25 x 12 mm)
6.5 LBS
(2.9 kg)